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We are an international online music platform based in the beautiful city of Munich. 

The license to use our music is only valid in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, and may only be used in those territories.

Our mission is to bring your stories to life on YouTube and social media with our world-class music. We work closely with international composers, each with their own style and character, to add an exclusive touch to your content and videos. We are driven by passion, creativity, and reliability.

We'll help you find the perfect soundtrack

Our team of music experts regularly curates new playlists that are always fresh and on-trend - online and offline. Looking for something special? Just tell us what you need, and we'll give you a free music consultation and create a personalized selection that fits you and your story.

Enjoy our music!

Meet the team

Myriam  Martone

Myriam Martone

Music Consultant

Marta  Soto Carazo

Marta Soto Carazo

Music Consultant

Inês  Silva Dias

Inês Silva Dias

Music Consultant

Luca Nunziata

Luca Nunziata

Information Management

Antonella  Graziani

Antonella Graziani

Brand Manager

Sofia  Rota

Sofia Rota

Copyright & Licensing

Bettina  Bonengel

Bettina Bonengel


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